Pets are the worst gift ever!

November 06, 2018 3 Comments

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Ho ho ho... Is a season of gifts!
Giving someone a cat or kitten as a gift may seem like a sweet gesture, but it's actually a BAD IDEAS!! 

Cats are living things, they can live for up to 15 years or more, just like us, they feel loved & annoying , feel happy & sad, feel angry & scare, feel cold & hot, feel content & helpless, just like everyone of us do. 

Cats given to children may be forgotten once the holiday season passes and the novelty wears off. Giving a cat to an adult is asking quite a lot. Are you sure the person wants to take on the responsibility of cat ownership? 
Becoming a cat owner is a serious step for both children and adults. 

How can you be sure the recipient is ready for the commitment for their next 15 years? Never give a pet as a gift!

If your children are really demanding for a pet as gift, give a cat collar or toy as a gift and tell them that you will go together to adopt a cat after the holidays are over.

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