Enriched with natural fibers that facilitate the passage of hairballs.

Type: Semi Moist / Supplemental cat food
Size : 100g

Functional and irresistibly tasty snack for prevent hairball formation.
Contains psyllium, beetroot, apples, and herring oil.

Fur licking is a natural behavior for cats and serves to clean the coat. As the cat cleans her coat, she swallows a large amount of fur, which clumps together in the stomach forming hairballs. Hairballs cause the cat to vomit, and if they are large enough, they can impair the digestive system. Fish oil prevents the formation of hairballs, and fiber accelerates the passage of swallowed hairs from the stomach to the bowel.

Canvit Hairball Health Care Snack effectively prevents the formation of hairballs. And it tastes great too.

potatoes, duck (15%), liquid starch, herring oil (5%), dried apple (2%), beet root (1%), hydrolyzed chicken liver, collagen, psyllium (10g/kg)

Analytical constituents:
crude protein 15.0%, fat content 6.0%, moisture 17.0%, crude ash 4.5%, crude fiber 4.0%

Prevents formation of hairballs in cats
Prevents cats from choking on hairs

Feed Canvit Hairball Health Care Snack directly from the hand.

Recommended daily dose:

Weight of Cat (kg) PCS per day
1 4
3 8
5 10
8 15

10 cubes for cat of 3 kg contain:
dried apple 120 mg, dried beetroot 60 mg, psyllium 40 mg, fish fat 150 mg

100 g (280 cubes, 30-day supply for cat of 3 kg)

Avoid direct sunlight, keep in a dry, cool place and reseal after opening.